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Altus Assets Activities is a prominent asset management company, based in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine and being a member and regional representative of Ukrainian Association of Investment Business.


Being one of the biggest asset management companies in Ukraine, according to NAV, Altus is covering all major segments of Ukrainian capital market, including stock&fixed income markets, private equity and real estate. Established in 2005, Altus has been recognized as a professional and reliable financial institution. The company has earned its reputation as one of the most successful investment management company In Ukraine. The Ukrainian Association of Investment Business declared us ‘The most dynamically developing company of 2006’.


Our professional and harmonious team includes specialists with strong background in finance and applied fields, possessing deep understanding of the nature of Ukrainian economic life as well as world economic tendencies. We combine practical knowledge of market dynamics with analytical skills with years of experience in scientific research across various economic and financial disciplines to give clients the security and high yields they expect from their investments. Altus professionals know when and where to invest, what markets to choose, and know how to manage market fluctuations in this fast growing Ukrainian market.

Altus has both public and private formats of investment management at Ukrainian stock&fixed income, operating a family of mutual funds under management, while actively providing private trading services and Internet-brokerage.

Our funds have gained wide popularity among investors due to easiness of access. Altus manages both funds of broad market, like Altus Balanced and Altus Strategic, and those with certain preferences in investment strategy, concerning the degree of aggressiveness, concrete industries or financial instruments, like Altus Capital, Altus Stock Market, Altus Fixed Income Market, Altus Metallurgical, Altus Machinery&Equipment and Altus Energetic.

Establishing its international presence, Altus is constantly extending the network of its partners. Recently Altus has become a Member of Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and now we are enjoying our membership and developing contacts with our Norwegian partners.

Altus Investment Philosophy is to develop effective investment strategies that minimize investment risk and maximize return on client’s investment. Altus can make a significant contribution to helping you grow your business. If you are thinking of strengthening your activities via establishing presence at Ukrainian market through acquisition, expanding internationally or creating a stock market portfolio, you should consider Altus.


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